Personalization and Profits: The Impact of AI on Targeted Digital Marketing


  • Bharati Rathore Rajasthan University Author


Digital Marketing, Personalisation, Marketing Efficiency, Profitability.


The accelerating advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has brought forth a myriad of opportunities in many sectors, with digital marketing being a particularly prominent area of application. This study titled "Personalization and Profits: The Impact of AI on Targeted Digital Marketing" elucidates the profound influence of AI on personalized, targeted marketing strategies and, consequently, its influence on corporate profit growth.                                                  

The paper leverages empirical data gathered from multiple prominent business organizations and conducts an in-depth analysis to demonstrate how AI has transformed marketing from a broad-scoped field to a focused, person-centric medium. It extends its investigation on how such targeted, personalized digital marketing efforts have increased customer engagement, boosted conversion rates, and notably impacted profitability. The dynamic AI algorithms' ability to mine, process, and draw actionable insights from vast troves of consumer data, enables unprecedented levels of marketing personalization. The study shows how such personalization strategies galvanized by AI have significantly enhanced marketing efficiency, and therefore have led to higher profit margins. 

The study underscores the importance of integrating AI in any digital marketing strategy, not merely to stay relevant in the ever-evolving market but also for ensuring continued profitability. It ultimately provides a comprehensive view of how AI's broad-ranging, transformative effect on targeted digital marketing has a critical impact on business profits in today's hyper-competitive market landscape.




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