Managing Cross-Cultural Teams: Challenges and Strategies for Indian Multinational Corporations


  • Dr. Marie Leclerc Author


Cross-Cultural Teams, Indian Multinational Corporations, Globalization,Cultural Awareness, Leadership in Multicultural Environments


In the era of globalization, Indian multinational corporations (MNCs) are increasingly expanding their operations across borders, leading to the creation of diverse and cross-cultural teams. The management of such teams presents unique challenges and opportunities. This abstract provides a glimpse into the complexities of managing cross-cultural teams within the context of Indian MNCs and offers strategies to navigate these challenges effectively. The challenges faced by Indian MNCs in managing cross-cultural teams stem from differences in communication styles, work ethics, values, and cultural nuances among team members. These challenges can hinder team cohesion, collaboration, and overall performance. The need for an inclusive and culturally sensitive approach to team management is paramount for success in the global business landscape. To address these challenges, this abstract outlines several key strategies that Indian MNCs can adopt to enhance the management of cross-cultural teams. Firstly, fostering cultural awareness and sensitivity among team members is crucial. Cultural training programs and intercultural communication workshops can aid in creating an environment where team members appreciate and respect diverse perspectives. Secondly, effective communication strategies are vital to bridge the language and communication gaps within cross-cultural teams.




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Managing Cross-Cultural Teams: Challenges and Strategies for Indian Multinational Corporations. (2022). International Journal of Transcontinental Discoveries, ISSN: 3006-628X, 9(1), 8-12.

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