Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance: A Comparative Study of Indian and Australian Companies


  • Dr. Lars Andersen Author


Employee Engagement, Organizational Performance, Comparative Study, Indian Companies, Australian Companies


This research study explores the relationship between employee engagement and organizational performance, with a specific focus on comparing the experiences of employees in Indian and Australian companies. Employee engagement is increasingly recognized as a crucial factor influencing organizational success, productivity, and overall well-being. This study aims to contribute to the existing body of knowledge by examining how cultural, contextual, and organizational factors impact the level of employee engagement and its subsequent effects on organizational performance in two diverse business environments. The research employs a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews to gather comprehensive data from employees at various levels within selected companies in both India and Australia. The survey measures key indicators of employee engagement, including job satisfaction, motivation, commitment, and organizational loyalty. Additionally, qualitative interviews provide a deeper understanding of the contextual nuances that shape employee experiences and perceptions. The comparative analysis seeks to identify similarities and differences in the levels of employee engagement between the two countries, considering cultural and organizational influences. The study also investigates the impact of engaged employees on organizational performance metrics such as productivity, innovation, and overall business outcomes. The findings of this research are expected to provide valuable insights for human resource practitioners, organizational leaders, and policymakers seeking to enhance employee engagement strategies in their respective contexts. By understanding the cultural and contextual factors influencing employee engagement, organizations can tailor their approaches to better align with the unique needs of their workforce. Ultimately, the study aims to contribute to the development of evidence-based strategies that foster employee engagement, leading to improved organizational performance in both Indian and Australian companies.




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Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance: A Comparative Study of Indian and Australian Companies. (2023). International Journal of Transcontinental Discoveries, ISSN: 3006-628X, 10(1), 8-14. https://internationaljournals.org/index.php/ijtd/article/view/49

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