Biopharmaceuticals: Trends and Challenges in Production and Regulation


  • Thomas Willey University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA Author


Biopharmaceuticals, Production Trends, Regulatory Challenges, Biosimilars, Global Harmonization


Biopharmaceuticals, a class of therapeutic drugs derived from living organisms, have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and significance in modern medicine. This abstract delves into the dynamic landscape of biopharmaceuticals, exploring the trends and challenges that shape their production and regulation. The production of biopharmaceuticals involves intricate processes such as genetic engineering, cell culture, and protein purification, contributing to the complexity of their manufacturing. Emerging trends in bioprocessing technologies, including continuous manufacturing and advanced analytics, aim to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure consistent product quality. Furthermore, the rise of innovative expression systems, such as mammalian cell lines and microbial platforms, is revolutionizing the production landscape, offering scalability and improved yield. However, the production of biopharmaceuticals is not without its challenges. Issues such as product heterogeneity, host cell protein contamination, and the need for robust purification strategies pose significant hurdles. Addressing these challenges requires continuous research and development efforts to optimize production processes and maintain product integrity.




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